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5 Retirement Considerations

At Regent financial, we believe that these five considerations can help optimize your retirement plan.

1) Work with a Fiduciary Adviser
For education, advice, and help monitoring your plan. An Independent adviser, working with Regent Financial Services team is with you every step of the way to minimize the complexities of your retirement plan and help optimize results.

2) Provide Prudent Portfolios.
Professionally designed portfolios take the guess-work out of choosing appropriate investment options with the goal of delivering expected rates of return for a plan participant’s chosen level of risk. Our models are constructed by a dedicated investment committee using low-cost, institutional asset class funds with the foundation of vast global diversification. They contain as many as 9,000 securities in 45 countries, representing 35 currencies and nine distinct asset classes.

3) Work with an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary.
Many employers don’t realize they are responsible for the fund line up in their existing plan. By working with an ERISA §3(38) fiduciary, you may shift the investment management to a professional firm thus transferring this significant liability. Regent financial Services embraces the 3(38) role and must act in the best interests of the participants. The 3(38) creates an additional layer of protection and in many instances, opens the door to make better decisions through access to a prudent solution.

4) Optimize Plan Design.
With plan design, one size does not fit all. We work with you to fully understand your goals and objectives first, and then design a plan to best fit your specific needs.

5) Offer Fee Transparency.
The changing regulatory fee environment, although well intentioned, has created an element of confusion for employers. Our program discloses all fees in a straightforward, one-page document, allowing you to easily see how much is paid, and to whom. Costs of all services are clear and our providers support the fee regulations processes to help you manage your fiduciary obligations.

These 5 Retirement Plan Considerations are to ease your administrative burden, reduce fiduciary liability and help participants gain confidence in a more secure retirement.