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Regent Financial Services®, from its headquarters located in Brunswick, Maine, provides many Wealth Advisory Services to Businesses. Some of the areas that we focus on include:

  • Business Continuity/Succession Planning
  • Business Entity and Structure Analysis
  • Banking Arrangements
  • Board of Directors or Advisory Board Membership
  • Legal Documentation and Requirements
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Employee Benefits Analysis
  • Executive and/or Key Person Compensation Benefit Arrangement Reviews
  • Personal Financial Planning Services for Owners and Key Employees
  • Financial Planning Workshops for the Business Entity’s Staff Employees

In addition, we offer Retirement Plan Services to Medical Professional offices / Businesses. These services include:

  • Plan Establishment Fiduciary Consulting Services
  • Investment Policy Statement Development and/or Review
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Consulting
  • Investment Education Workshops
  • Plan Fiduciary Audits and Plan Administration examinations

Our Wealth Advisory Services for businesses strive to provide quality solutions to common business needs. We also help to implement and integrate these solutions into each individual business. Once the strategic plan is implemented, we monitor the progress and measure the results. Our mission is to maximize the value of the business by allowing the owners to focus on their core competencies while we focus on ours.

Businesses in Maine expect a high level of integrity and professionalism from financial advisors. Regent Financial Services’ core beliefs and values reinforce these important qualities, and more.

We believe in the value of Comprehensive Wealth Management. Our purpose is to help you determine what is important to you and bring congruity between your actions and your values. Our expectation is to build a committed relationship with you over your lifetime. To do this, we have some core beliefs:

Planning. Corporate Asset Management involves maximizing your portfolios while managing risk. At Regent Financial Services, we define success planning by integrating all of your financial resources – investment, credit and cash management.


Communication. The level of communication between us will, in part, help us determine success. Regent employs most available technologies to facilitate communication with the greatest of ease.


Integration. We believe in integrating the three key areas of corporate asset management and planning – financial asset analysis and review, risk, credit and cash flow analyses. We believe all of these areas are for successful business model.


Staff. We believe that a competent and fulfilled staff is critical to execute our mission. We treat our staff with respect and ask that you would as well.


Trust. We believe that we should like and trust each other. If that ever stops happening, we believe our relationship needs to be reevaluated.


Involvement. We believe that you should be as involved in your plan as we are. This means that we will often ask you for help in gathering information or talking with other advisors who may have this information.


Synergy. We believe in the value of synergy. A competent, healthy communication and exchange of ideas between all related advisors is essential to achieving the desired success for you.

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