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Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS), Commonwealth Financial Network’s fee-based asset management program, provides clients access to institutional money managers in various asset classes. The broad array of choices both in equity and fixed income, gives you the flexibility to construct portfolios to meet a broad array of investment objectives.

PPS Custom Account – A fee-based account that allows clients to purchase load-waived and no-load investment vehicles, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual securities, and approved no-load variable annuities. Advisor compensation comes from an all-inclusive annual management fee based on a percentage of the account’s household value. Never any commissions.

One PPS Custom account option offers portfolio asset allocation models provided by Ibbotson Associates. This program offers multiple portfolios, each with varying levels of potential returns depending on the client’s investment objective. Each wrap-fee portfolio is automatically reallocated annually based on Ibbotson’s allocation model. As with all PPS managed accounts, your annual management fee is based on a percentage of the account’s household value.


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