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We believe in the value of Comprehensive Wealth Management. Our purpose is to help you determine what is important to you and bring congruity between your actions and your values. Our expectation is to build a committed relationship with you over your lifetime. To do this, we have some core beliefs:

Planning. Wealth Management planning involves maximizing your wealth. At Regent Financial Services, we define wealth as integrating all of your resources – financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Balance. We help you strike a healthy balance between all of your resources throughout your life via Life Planning.


Communication. The level of communication between us will help determine success. Wealth management planning is personal, so we often ask that you share with us some of the many things that you don’t share with anyone but your family.


Integration. We believe in integrating the five key areas of financial planning – Asset Protection, Disability and Income Planning, Debt Management, Asset Management, and Estate Planning. We believe all of these areas are integral for achieving your personal financial success.


Timing. We do not believe in timing the market. We believe that if your time horizon is greater than four years, you should accept some of the volatility risks of the stock market. For those needs that occur in less than four years, you should not accept this risk.


Mistakes. We believe that if we make mistakes, we must correct them. But first, we must know of them. Please talk to us so that we may do so.


Staff. We believe that a competent and fulfilled staff is critical to execute our mission. We treat our staff with respect and ask that you would as well.


Trust. We believe that we should like and trust each other. If that ever stops happening, we believe our relationship needs to be reevaluated.


Involvement. We believe that you should be as involved in your plan as we are. This means that we will often ask you for help in gathering information or talking with other advisors who may have this information.


Synergy. We believe in the value of synergy. A competent, healthy communication and exchange of ideas between all related advisors is essential to achieving the desired success for you.

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